482: BYN Breakdown | How to Find the Right Mastermind


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On this episode, Eric and Travis reflect on some of the biggest mistakes they've made during their podcasting journey. Key Takeaways: Travis Chappell and his producer, Eric Skwarczynski, answer listener questions. Episode Highlights: What is the best resource for finding a mastermind? Should you wait to reach out to big names for your show? 3 Key Points: Surround yourself with thought leaders in your space that you want to emulate. Make sure the mastermind you join will give you the results you need, not just because you want to join the mastermind. If you book a big guest in the early days of your show – schedule far out so you can get some more interviews under your belt. Resources Mentioned: Visit Travis’ website at https://create.acast.com/episodes/3b48e6da-a672-4e83-9897-ddefc4e88bc7/travischappell.com (travischappell.com) Book high level guests for your podcast at guestio.com Join the Build Your Network Facebook group https://create.acast.com/episodes/3b48e6da-a672-4e83-9897-ddefc4e88bc7/travischappell.com/group (travischappell.com/group)
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