0324 | Cultivating the Mother-Daughter Relationship with Dr. Michelle Deering


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Being a parent is hard. It's a fact. If there's one relationship that requires us to be psychologically strong, it's the relationship we cultivate with our kids.

This week, we're diving deep into the Mother-Daughter relationship. Specifically, we're talking about how we can cultivate the type of relationship with our daughters that we want to have, all while keeping ourselves sane at the same time. So, how can we raise empowered daughters while thriving ourselves? That's exactly what we're digging into with Dr. Michelle Deering.

Before running her consulting business, Dr. Michelle Deering served as a licensed psychologist and board -certified sport psychologist at a BIG 10 University, Fortune 500 corporate trainer, and higher education professional. Nowadays you’ll find her speaking at conferences, training for her next Reebok Spartan Sprint Race, and practicing rudiments on her drum kit — all while coaching, serving clients, and recording her hit podcast, Mother Daughter Connections™. Dr. Deering is a graduate of Brown University and is a licensed psychologist and board-certified sports psychologist.

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