A Whirlwind Conversation With VC Adam Draper on Sci-Fi Future Startups


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Adam Draper is Founder and Managing Director of the Boost VC Accelerator. Boost VC Accelerator invests $500K in founders and focuses on technologies like crypto, VR/AR, AI, human augmentation, space and more. They've invested in over 250 companies from over 30 countries. In this episode Sasha talks with him about:

• Advice for founders after hearing Coinbase pitch and being one of their earliest investors

• Why video games are undervalued social networks

• Why crypto is an amazing sandbox for rapid prototyping of financial products

• How to attract the best talent to your startup

• Investing in jetpacks

• Why he fears our imagination is shrinking

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Adam Draper - @AdamDraper (https://twitter.com/AdamDraper)

Apply to the Boost VC Accelerator - https://www.boost.vc

Email Adam directly at : adam@boost.vc

Sasha Hudzilin - @AliaksandrH (https://twitter.com/AliaksandrH)

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