Building the Protocol Infrastructure for Web3 w/ ChainSafe Co-founders Aidan Hyman and Gregory Markou


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Aidan Hyman and Greg Markou are cofounders and CEO and CTO, respectively, of ChainSafe a global leader in blockchain protocol and infrastructure development. In this episode they talk with Sasha and Matt Lockyer about:

• The Toronto crypto and developer ecosystem

• Implementing Typescript for the Ethereum 2.0 ecosystem

• Running and scaling a business when there's so much volatility in the space

• The transformative community and experience of ETH Global and ETH Waterloo

• The possibility of a light client, a key cornerstone feature, getting built and finished on Ethereum 2.0

• Problems to solve when building a decentralized product service like ChainSafe Files

• Maintaining web3.js

Episode links:

Aidan Hyman: @Aidan_IH

Gregory Markou: @GregTheGreek


ChainSafe Files:

Open Roles at ChainSafe:

[DEV TOOL] Lodestar, a Typescript implementation of Ethereum 2.0:

[DEV TOOL] Truffle:

[DEV TOOL] Ganache:

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Matt Lockyer: @MattDLockyer

Sasha Hudzilin: @AliaksandrH

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