Stephanie Kaiser, Managing Director Heartbeat Labs: How Digital Health Will Improve Our Future


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(English episode) Stephanie Kaiser is not only member of the digital council that advises the German federal government, but also the co-founder and managing director of Heartbeat Labs. The Berlin-based health Platform founds, advises and finances progressive digital health startups. In her chat with Tilo Bonow, Stephanie gives her outlook on the future of digital health and talks about benefits and risks when it comes to using medical data. This is a recording of Business Class Live, the live video version of Business Class that is broadcasted on Tilo’s social media accounts. Shownotes: Website of Heartbeat Labs: Stephanie's LinkedIn profile: Tilo's LinkedIn profile: PIABO's website: Video of the Business Class Live recording: Content of the podcast: 2:05 Biography of Stephanie Kaiser 3:20: What is digital health in comparison to healthtech, what is the status quo in the sector and why do we need it? 6:00 Are there benefits that the public does maybe not even know about yet? 6:44 What are the benefits of digital health gadgets? 7:40 Where can technology be truly beneficial for medicine and our health? 9:22 Which technological developments have impacted the health sector the most? 10:08 What does Heartbeat Labs do and what is its goal? 11:07 Which companies does heartbeat Labs have in its portfolio? 12:50 Which startups and partner companies is Heartbeat Labs interested in? 13:42 How is the German digital health market developed in Germany in comparison to other markets? 15:50 Which gadgets does Stephanie use? 17:15 How can data points from different devices and gadgets be combined and used? 18:40 Which steps does the government need to take in order to make us of digital health solutions for the public? What can be a good position for Germany towards using digital health data? 21:15 Which are the most innovative markets for digital health? 22:25 Which role can telemedicine play in the longer run in the medical sector? 23:43 What does it mean the the big technology companies such as Apple or Amazon are investing in the digital health sector? 24:35 How does the usage of digital health solutions change the work of doctors and nurses? Which skills do they need in the future? 26:30 How can data security be guaranteed? 28:34 How will the digital health sector develop until 2030? 30:09 What is Stephanie’s personal goal for 2020?

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