Challenge Accepted – Running a Successful Business With a Disability, With Steff Green


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Building and running a successful business is difficult to say the least. Toss in having a disability and the challenge of running a business increases exponentially.

Legally-blind since birth, Steff Green never let others’ misconceptions about her disability stop her from living her dream life. A six-figure USA bestselling author, Steff joins Adam to share her tips for not letting a disability get in the way of your dreams.


  • Why it is so important for disabled people to see people like them succeed as business owners;
  • Why imagination, creativity, and perseverance are vital for success;
  • What Steff means by ‘change is opportunity’;
  • What opportunities exist for writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs;
  • And so much more!

Listen to this inspiring story of one woman’s journey from failed archeologist to best selling author.

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