How to Use Chaos and Disruption to Your Advantage: The Secrets of ShiftShapers, With David Salitzman


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Change either paralyzes or energizes – the choice is yours. ShiftShapers shape the shifts in business and industries into new business models, products and best practices.

David Saltzman is one of the foremost experts in Transformation Strategies. After more than 300 interviews with industry ShiftShapers, he has revealed that despite their diversity and the differing offerings, all of them share seven distinct success strategies. He joins Adam to share some of those strategies.


  • How ShiftShapers start their process;
  • What makes this so unique;
  • Tips to create awareness and bring innovation to market;
  • How creative disruption can allow us to work within existing infrastructures and industry;
  • How someone can apply and profit from these techniques in business;
  • And much more!

If you want to become a ShiftShaper in your industry, tune in!

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