Biotech: Guilt-free palm oil?


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A commodity associated with the destruction of tropical rainforest in South East Asia may soon have a synthetic replacement. But can it match palm oil's magic properties? Will consumers accept it in their food? And what will it mean for the farmers whose livelihoods depend on palm oil plantations? Manuela Saragosa speaks to Shara Ticku, co-founder of the biotech firm C16 Biosciences, which is pioneering the new plantation-free product, as well as Anita Neville of Indonesia's largest privately owned palm oil grower, Golden Agri-Resources. Plus Veronika Pountcheva of the international food wholesalers Metro Group explains why they are actively looking at the synthetic alternative. Producer: Laurence Knight (Picture: A tub of palm oil; Credit: Edwin Remsberg/Getty Images)

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