Small Talk 2 in German


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Small Talk 2 in German

Die Karrierebibel

Start with this LINK in German and scroll down to the video first:

Reden ist Silber und Schweigen ist Gold

Listen to this a few times and come back to this website.

Scroll up now and listen to my audio again.

Scroll down slowly while you listen.

Small Talk lernen

This is my second Link for today: A very good website with a lot of information about Small Talk in German to start with. Afterwards I would like you to bookmark this site and come back according to needs. You will find infos about Rhetorik, Persoenlichkeit and more to check out like Body Language and more ...

Viel Erfolg beim Deutschlernen und viel Freude

yours from Burleigh in QLD Australia

Peter H Bloecker

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