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Zum Wortschatz Business German

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The decks of the Anki Website

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One of the most known and effecte way of learning by heart and vocabulary as well is the Anki Website, an open source and free PLATFORM for digital Learning.

Basically it is a digital two sided flashcard with question and answers.

You can write your own flashcards here and practise special vocabulary.

The Anki German resources (decks) have audio and often context and even pictures.
As you can download many decks, you can start learning with the existing ones - like the Goethe Grundwortschatz B1 - and more and later add your own cards.

The Desktop version is free, however not the Iphone and Ipad App.


Languages including German

About Anki


Video How to use Anki

Anki Tutorial expained how it works

Follow other videos on Youtube of your choice.

There are many documents on the web how to use Anki effectively.

Create your own flashcards - alternative to Anki Website.

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