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Dear Learners of Business German,

I have published an episode about podcasts before, here an extra one I listen to nearly every day. All the information you will need is available online, therefore not too much I have to add from my side ... please check this out for yourself and bookmark the relevant sites and become a fan and follower like myself.

As you will read, this project is unique and very new, a brandnew media ship cruising the Berlin waters like the river SPREE and moving through Germany along the rivers Elbe and Rhein what they did recently ...inviting their guests on the way from town to town like Duesseldorf and Hannover.

Enjoy these pods which are directly about politics and business in Germany and Europe and the world including the present covid-19 situation in Germany, Europe and around the world.

The Gabor Steingart Podcast

Mission Statement

Das Beste der Woche

# 49 Reinhard Karger about AI

# 47 Prof. Klemens Skibicki - read his online profile Profski/about

#46 Konrad Paul Liessmann - Lust auf Bildung

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