Clate Mask on Raising Capital, Being CEO, And The Keep Going Story behind Infusionsoft and KEAP


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How To Keep Going, Keep Serving, Keep Growing

Clate Mask is the entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of Infusionsoft AND Keap. His company developed a SaaS product before it was a thing! He’s the co-author of NY Times best-selling book ‘Conquer the Chaos’ and a Father of six children. His company is on a mission to simplify growth for millions of small businesses, but today he shares pearls of wisdom from his own entrepreneurial journey for business leaders at every stage in the game.

Listen for,

  1. How Clate Mask would help a younger version of himself (and you).
  2. How to shift toward recurring revenue and not get distracted by your service revenue.
  3. The most-surprising hard things about the first 3 years as an entrepreneur.
  4. How to manage your take-home pay with the vision of your company.
  5. The only reason to raise outside capital.
  6. How to land amazing partners like Goldman Sachs.
  7. What VC investors are looking for
  8. The Plateaus and Growth stages in business (Check out our snack-able episode #43 for more from Clate on this).
  9. How to know when one of your team has taken your business as far as they can go.
  10. A three-step checklist for finding the right person to take you to the next level.
  11. How to ensure that You’re growing as CEO and not inhibiting the company growth.
  12. How to find an executive coach that’s actually going to help you.
  13. What a CEO’s real job is and how to develop that skill.


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