The Engagement (S7E1)


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This week Ivan and Stephen make a pact and become dognappers as they talk about the secondary characters from the Season 7 premiere episode The Engagement.

Topics covered include spoof films, what would have happened to Susan if she didn’t die and got married to George, the film ‘Termination Man’, and high priced oranges in Japan; Seinfeldisms (from 4:08), Seinfeld News (from 8:17), episode trivia (from 14:35); secondary characters Susan (from 17:48), Melanie (from 25:49), Alice (from 31:28), and Newman (from 35:02).

Where will the episode and/or any of the secondaries appear in our list of the greatest episodes and characters of all time? Listen and find out!

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Seinfeld News

Elsa Raven (Mom from ‘The Mom and Pop Store’) has died aged 91

Al Roker steps down after cancer diagnosis. He appeared in ‘The Cigar Store Indian’ as himself

A crate of oranges sell in Japan for $9,600 (we wonder if this is customary in their country)

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