The Secretary (S6E9)


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This week Ivan and Stephen get given a raise and score Uma Thurman’s number as they talk about the secondary characters from Season 6’s The Secretary.

Topics covered include being back in the Vandelay Studios after a 4 month lockdown, ’Jerk Store’ Wi-Fi networks, Yeardley/Yardley Smith, and something about Kenny we missed talking about in the past; Seinfeldisms (from 6:09), Seinfeld News (from 9:44), episode trivia (from 15:05); secondary characters Ada the Secretary (from 19:35), Willy and Donna (from 29:00), Kenny Bania (from 36:09), and the Barney’s Saleswoman (from 43:44).

Where will the episode and/or any of the secondaries appear in our list of the greatest episodes and characters of all time? Listen and find out!

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