CableCast Episode 12 Legendary Meta Changes from the Tundra! ft. Aaron Traylor and Jake Magier


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Welcome to CableCast!

CableCast is a Pokémon VGC Podcast hosted by Caleb "Cable" Ryor whose goal is to delve deeper into the official Pokémon competitive circuit and its meta-game by showcasing thoughts, opinions, and analysis from an always changing cast of guest VGC players.

This week Caleb is joined by some fresh faces from his local New England scene in that of regional champions Aaron Traylor and Jake Magier! Having Crown Tundra coming out in just a few days, the boys sit down and talk shop about what we expect from series to come with all the new Pokémon incoming as well as saying our goodbyes to the honeymoon period format that was Series 6. Give it a listen, plenty of knowledge to be had!

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