Neil Lesher - InfoTech Investment Banking Sector Turned Entrepreneur, Leaving Comfort Zone, PhoneQuad Drone, Self-Awareness | EP12 PT1


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Our next guest is the Founder & CEO of LeshTronix Drone Systems, a UAV/Drone Technology Company based out of Westchester, New York who are developing the first ever Hovering Smartphone Case called PhoneQuad.

PhoneQuad is a hands-free way of communication, pictures and videos using it’s compact, durable and foldable Drone-Phone Case. The Selfie Stick is soon to be a blip in the past… #selfiesticksucks

Aside from currently inventing one of the coolest ways for IG models to get perfect booty shots or simply capture a special family vacation photo, he is a serial entrepreneur, having developed and sold multiple retail businesses and has decades of I.T. experience in the Investment Banking sector.

With the pace of life going by like a new york minute this man is bringing the world the opportunity to capture those special moments hands-free with a freaking floating phone drone… he’s a mad scientist and boy are we excited to talk to him today…

Please welcome our next guest to the show, Neil Lesher!

We’re coining the phrase #selfiestickssuck

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