Coronavirus: The day the UK closed and what it means for us all


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Quite simply, it's been an extraordinary week - and Calling Peston is now moving to Fridays as we cover the political and economic aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. Daniel and Shehab talk about the unprecedented measures to help the UK cope with the coronavirus pandemic which were announced by the government on Friday. For the first time in history, the government will step in and pay workers' wages amid economic uncertainty ushered in by the Covid-19 outbreak. There'll be no more socialising for the foreseeable future with Friday's announcement by the prime minister that all pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes must close. Robert - who is self-isolating - explains how the government plans to manage all of this and afford the measures it's announced. We also speak to ITV News Europe Editor James Mates, who recently reported from Italy, one of the worst-hit countries, explains why the situation there is so bad.

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