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In one of the most moving interviews ever in the history of the Cam and Strick Podcast, Theo Fleury, former Stanley Cup Champion, NHL Superstar, and Olympic gold medalist, overcame a tumultuous upbringing along with a history of abuse from his former junior hockey coach. An NHL fairytale, fueled by fame, money and glamour, was everything but on the inside for Fleury. Due to drug and alcohol addiction, his life spiraled out of control which led to him blowing through $50 million dollars in earnings and an afterlife with very little to show for a guy that was considered one of the greatest hockey players of his generation. And Fleury is 100% ok with that. His focus has him now fully centered on helping people overcome addiction and mental illness, allowing them to understand there is a better life ahead if you're willing to get the help. He wants to impact people, and he's doing it everyday. Speaking to groups and individuals, Fleury doesn't reflect too much on his hockey career nowadays and wants to be remembered as a person who got healthy, turned his life around, and has helped others. You will be better off after listening to this interview in its entirety... it's moving, its intense, its educational, and its inspiring, with a mixture of humor. Fleury gives a hilarious take on today's game and his how would handle i-Pads on an NHL bench! Theo Fleury joins Cam Janssen and and Strickland on the Cam and Strick podcast.

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