Big Issues at Day Camp This Year - CampHacker #110


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It would be easy for the hard and fast overnight camp pros to see “Day Camp” in the title and move on.

Don’t do that.

There are logistical differences with both models of summer camp, but it’s so easy to see that what is relevant and pertinent to one, is the same for the other.

Rituals, traditions, culture, integration, camaraderie, it’s a part of every camp experience, no matter when, or how often the campers go home. What is good for overnight, is good for day.

All that being said, kids going home every night, camp vs school syndrome, wavering attendance, rented sites, lunch time, and many more things all pose a significant and unique challenge, that needs to be addressed and collaborated on.

And we’re good at challenges.

This episode of the CampHacker podcast brings together some camp pros that have truly hacked the day-camp experience and bring the extraordinary world into the 9-5, every day. Andy Pritkin from Liberty Lake Day Camp, Ehren Gluckstein from Camp Robin Hood and Sam Thompson from Crystal Lake Park District all join Travis to begin to unpack the emerging and ongoing challenges and successes in the world of Day Camps.

You know as well as we do that this is only the beginning though.


Let’s take it to the next level…

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Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis: The Being Useful List

Andy: Dark Sky Weather app

Ehren: Camptivities Scheduling Software

Sam: Kahoot! Testing Game App

Your Hosts:

Travis Allison, Summer Camp Consultant - CampHacker.TV, Founder at Go Camp Pro

Andy Pritikin, owner/director Liberty Lake Day Camp, past president ACA NY/NJ

Ehren Gluckstein, Assistant Director, Camp Robin Hood

Sam Thompson, Recreation Supervisor, Crystal Lake Park District

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