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Making the End of the Day Meaningful (part 2!)

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If you’ve had a chance to tune into the last few episodes of the CampHacker Podcast, you’ll have heard that on Episode 88, we had intended to talk about debriefing your day at camp with everyone, but as most great camp conversations go, we ran out of time to cover it all! We hit a ton of great points about debriefing the day with campers, but we didn’t want to rush through the staff community part of this discussion.

That bring us to now.

This episode of the Podcast is dedicated to help our staff members get the most out of their daily, weekly, and seasonal experiences at camp. Whereas we usually delegate the camper’s nightly devotions to the counsellors (Ep. 88 has some ideas on how you can be that person too), we, as directors need to present our staff teams with those same types of opportunities.

There are a ton of different ways to facilitate this (again - grab your notebooks for this episode) but largely you can think about staff debriefing as either coming directly from you (“can I talk to you for a second?” conversations) or through facilitating large group debriefs (great moments in camping) or maybe a bit of both. As well, the type of debriefs that we facilitate for our staff can fall into two categories, intrapersonal (gratitude journaling) or interpersonal (wellness/prayer partners) or again, maybe both.

With the list of ideas that you’re surely going to have from this episode, we hope that you feel inspired to shake up your staff meetings and make time to facilitate those conversations that inspire your staff to get thinking.

What's one debriefing idea that you're going to introduce this summer? Please share in the comment section below, we'd love to hear it!

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