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We are always learning.

We’re back! After another wonderful summer of camp, Travis, Gab, Dan and Joe are here for Season 9 of the CampHacker Podcast.

To get things started, our hosts share the biggest lessons that they learned from their 2019 camp season. That’s right, even these camp pros with over 50 years of combined experience are still learning. The best pros in the industry are the ones that are hungry for growth and one of the best ways to grow are from the hard-earned lessons that camp has a way of teaching us year after year.

Tune in to this episode hear more about:

Joe’s inspiration to teach people to have hard conversations and his experience touring East Coast United Church camps in Canada

How Gab and her team filled in when they (temporarily) lost 3 of their 4 admin team

Dan’s summer highlighting LGTBQ+ inclusion in the YMCA community and transition into a new role within the YMCA.

Mental health in staff and campers in a new generation

Much, much more!

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Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis: Franz app https://meetfranz.com/


Joe: Internet Archive - Joe’s Library - Canadian Camping Magazine Archive: https://archive.org/details/@yoyojoer

Dan: Originals book by Adam Grant https://amzn.to/2O6HxTi

Your Hosts:

Travis Allison, Summer Camp Consultant - CampHacker.TV, Founder at Go Camp Pro

Gabrielle Raill, Camp Director - Camp Ouareau

Joe Richards, Executive Director - Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility

Dan Weir, Sr Director - Youth Development, Summer Camp, & Strategic Initiatives - YMCA of Long Island

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