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Welcome back to the podcast and welcome to episode 2 of the "Is camp right for me?" mini-series. Last episode, we covered the personal questions that someone should ask themselves before considering a life in camp. You can find that episode here.

This week, CampHacker Travis is joined by camp pros Marc Cooper from Camp Tamarack and Topher Aderhold from Camp Gray. Travis, Marc and Topher put on their thinking caps to share their secrets for what it takes to not only survive in the full-time camp world, but thrive in it. From balancing your camp and personal life, to your every day demeanour during the summer, this episode covers a lot of ground!

After all, working at camp means that more often than not, it's up to you and you alone to figure things out. It's an hour before a group comes and you've sprung a huge leak, the staff are dragging their butts and you haven't had the chance to talk to your significant other who lives off site in a couple of days! Sound familiar? These kinds of things can, and most likely will happen, but, by being proactive, keeping a cool head and a set of keen "director's eyes", things will be just fine.

We hope the tips and stories here will be perfect for not only those thinking of joining the industry, but full time veterans as well.

What are your top tips for a fruitful camp career? Let us know in the comment section below!

Next up in the series: You've got the inspiration, you know how to make it sustainable, now let's get hired!

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