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22 Tips For the Last Month Before Camp

Sayonara season 6!

Well friends, the summer is fast approaching (stop, breathe, breathe again) and that means it's time for the CampHacker Podcast to break for the season.

We know, we're sad too.

That being said, you know that we'd never leave you in a lurch. Especially not at this time of year. As our parting gift to you to keep you cool until we meet again in the fall, we have the whole team together to fill the last few pages of your spring journal with our top tips for this time of year. We hope that this episode gives you what you need right now whether it's a reassuring helping hand, or a fire under your rear. Either way, Dan, Joe, Gab and Travis brought their A-game for this one.

Here are the CampHacker's Top 22 Tips for The Last Month of Camp:

  1. Learn The Value of Good Enough

  2. Delegate Like It’s Your JOB (Playlists: Upbeat, Reflective, Conversational;

  3. Take a few minutes in the morning to clean your head (10 Deep breaths), The Headspace app

  4. Ready to Go smoothie packs

  5. 5 Minutes per day with your S.O. (maybe have some questions you ask each other) - get them on your schedule

  6. During Training: put things that they MUST remember in a different font/colour

  7. Walk

  8. Put Your Bills on Autopayment

  9. The Productivity Planner - Questions “What is the One Most Important Task of the Day?”

  10. Gab’s 1 Minute, Five Minute or 15 Minute Question Rule. 1 Minute Questions get asked and answered now, the others get scheduled

  11. Stop using the excuse of not having enough time - instead talk about your priorities

  12. Do Something that Makes You Happy every day! Get Silly with your staff and/or campers

  13. Do stuff that gives you joy - Joe - scroll saw name tags

  14. Listen to Great books - keep feeding your brain

  15. Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator - Google Chrome extension

  16. - get random newsletters out of your email newsletter

  17. Compliment people - express gratitude (to people who work for you and those you work for)

  18. Believe in yourself, believe that it all is going to go well.

  19. Have a confidant (outside of your camp, not your spouse)

  20. Let campers and staff see your hobbies

  21. The Checklist Manifesto book

  22. Let it Go

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