Ep 308 - Deflation Is Accelerating In Cannabis And Beyond


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Technological advances not only bring efficiency, but they’re also profoundly deflationary.

But could that deflation actually be key to an abundant future? Here to tell us is Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow.

Jeff's book: https://www.amazon.com/Price-Tomorrow-Deflation-Abundant-Future/dp/1999257405

Jeff's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffBooth

Key Takeaways:

  • Goods and services that are inflationary versus those that are deflationary
  • What a deflation economy looks like and examples of when we’ve seen deflation in the past
  • The natural deflationary process that’s occurring right now thanks to advancing technologies like AI
  • The deceptive power of exponential technologies and how they gain traction
  • How central bankers are fighting a losing battle by taking on more debt to create inflation
  • The power of network effects for business owners, investors, and employees
  • Where Jeff sees bitcoin heading in the next few years and his advice for those looking to get in
  • Why Jeff believes AI will eventually force us to embrace deflation and how that could benefit society as a whole

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