Issue 29 - Wolverine


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We're the best at what we do, and what we do is analyze WOLVERINE! Doc & Anthony break down James "Logan" Howlett and his relationships. Plus Doc sings Peter Cetera and Anthony goes Tough Mudder on Kitty Pryde. Listen now!


  • Introduction

  • Background (8:18)

    • Created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and John Romita Sr. (drawn by Herb Trimpe) in The Incredible Hulk #180/181 (Oct./Nov. 1974)

    • Originally simply an agent of the Canadian government known as Weapon X tasked with taking down the Hulk (originally, “moving is the thing I do best”)

    • Then introduced as member of new X-Men team in 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1 – becomes attracted to Jean Grey, Cyclops’ girlfriend

    • Later meets Lady Mariko Yashida in Japan, and falls in love with her – shortly thereafter has to evade Alpha Flight, division of Canadian government Department H who have to bring him in

    • Becomes engaged to Mariko, but has to break it off because Mariko’s family is connected to yakuza

    • Takes Kitty Pryde under his wing, and he becomes a foster father of sorts to her

    • Has his adamantium claws forcibly removed by Magneto in the “Fatal Attractions” storyline – reveals his claws are originally bone, and this severely damages his healing factor

    • Gets kidnapped and driven insane by Genesis’ attempt to re-bond adamantium to his skeleton – successfully re-bonded by Apocalypse, although turned into Horseman Death for a time

    • Origin told in 2002 – born James Howlett, son of a plantation owner in the late 1800s in Canada – after seeing his father killed by the groundskeeper Thomas Logan, James’ claws appear for the first time and he kills Logan (later implied to be Wolverine’s father) – goes on the run with an orphan girl named Rose, who gives him the name Logan – accidentally kills Rose too while fighting his half-brother Dog

    • Later discover that he fought alongside Captain America in WWII

    • X-23 is revealed as a female clone/”daughter”

    • Joins New Avengers in 2005

    • House of M – Logan is one of the few mutants who remembers the way the world was before Wanda changed things, and is instrumental in using Layla Miller to turn things back

    • Discovers he has a son Daken, who he has a difficult relationship with

    • Schism – Deals with fight between Cyclops and Logan over the path of the X-Men, Logan leaves and starts a new school – Jean Grey School – as headmaster

    • Sides with Avengers during the AvX storyline – wants to take Hope Summers into custody to protect her from Phoenix Force

    • Later joins Avengers Unity Squad

    • Death of Wolverine – dies as a result of his healing factor being shut off from a virus – dies by suffocating in adamantium

    • Resurrected in comics – still unsure how

  • Issues (25:17)

    • Sense of honor vs his pragmatism

    • Uncertainty over history for so long left him lonely & alone (35:14)

    • Unable to find lasting relationship – Jean & Mariko (41:40)

    • Relationship with children is difficult – Daken & Laura vs. Kitty (53:55)

    • Battles with Cyclops over Jean & direction of team (59:40)

  • Treatment (66:24)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe

  • Skit (77:18)

  • Ending


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