Issue 30 - Molecule Man


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Molecule Man, Molecule Man, does whatever a molecule can... that includes being a mama's boy and making Twilight Zone references! Listen now!


  • Introduction

  • Background (2:50)

    • Molecule Man (Owen Reece) created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #20 (Nov. 1963)

    • Timid scientist who was hit with radiation during experiment, leaving him with ability to control matter at the molecular level

    • Fired for accident, decides to become supervillain and turn on mankind

    • Originally believed he could only use powers while holding a metal wand, and could not impact organic molecules

    • Defeated by Fantastic Four and sent to another dimension by Uatu, where he created a “son” and gave him his powers, without limitations – transferred his own consciousness to the wand

    • The “son” transported to Florida, where he was defeated by Thing & Man-Thing – without the wand, his body quickly aged & turned to dust – wand was picked up by several different people, all of whom became possessed by Owen

    • After encountering Silver Surfer, recreated a body and fought the Avengers – Tigra convinced Owen to get help to address his underlying issues, and agreed to see a therapist

    • Was transported to Battleworld as part of Secret Wars – met Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg) and fell in love – they returned to Denver to live a peaceful life

    • Became a hero during Secret Wars II as he fought the Beyonder, who came to destroy the universe – managed to join with Silver Surfer to undo damage to Earth, and claimed he burned his powers out as a result so he could be left alone with Marsha

    • Encounters Doc Samson, and reveals that he & Marsha separated for a while – Doc tells him to show Marsha how he feels, and he adds her face to Mount Rushmore

    • He later returned to his hometown of Dinosaur, Colorado, and used his powers to control the locals and prevent anyone else from entering – he disintegrates Sentry before being convinced to return everything to normal in exchange for being left alone – he restores everything and then is destroyed by Sentry

    • Secret Wars (2015) reveals that he is reformed by Dr. Doom, and that the Beyonders created a Molecule Man in every universe as a singularity to serve as a bomb and destroy each universe

    • Used by Dr. Doom to create brand new Battleworld – Owen is responsible for God Emperor Doom, but depowers him when he fights Reed Richards, and then gives his powers to Reed – Reed and Franklin begin restoring Multiverse, which helps restore Owen’s sanity

    • Owen joins the Fantastic Four & Future Foundation, when he is killed by the Griever at the End of All Things

  • Issues (15:27)

    • “If I had power over all reality, I’d be a little terrified of it too” - doesn’t really want his powers anymore – Frank Grimes as God

    • Started off as momma’s boy (20:25)

    • Issues during relationship with Marsha (24:48)

    • Attachment to wand is troublesome (30:34)

  • Treatment (35:40)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (39:48)

  • Skit (45:54)

  • Ending


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