Issue 34 - Mister Miracle


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In honor of Christmas, we cover a red & green hero - MISTER MIRACLE! Anthony & Doc rave about Tom King's run, and talk about how a solid marriage can make anyone a hero! Listen now!


  • Introduction

  • Background (10:45)

    • Created by Jack Kirby in Mister Miracle #1 (April 1971)

    • Scott Free (actual birth name unknown) is son of the Highfather, ruler of New Genesis – as a way to stop a war with Apokolips, Highfather traded him to Darkseid in exchange for Darkseid’s son Orion

    • Grew up in hellish environment and managed to survive abuse

    • Met Big Barda and fell in love with her – then Scott escaped to Earth

    • The escape nullified the pact with Darkseid, so he attacked New Genesis

    • Scott met an escape artist, Thaddeus Brown, who called himself Mister Miracle – after Brown was murdered, Scott took up the mantle

    • Barda came to Earth to be with Scott – they joined the Justice League and lived a quiet married life when not saving the world

    • In the Tom King run, Scott is caught between fighting in the war on Apokolips and helping Barda on Earth raise their son Jacob – after Orion is killed, Scott becomes the new Highfather and leader of New Genesis, and kills Darkseid to end the war

  • Issues (18:18)

    • PTSD from years of abuse on Apokolips – has a handle on it most of the time, but can be triggered

    • Suicide attempt at the start of the King run brought on by PTSD (26:12)

    • Relationship with Barda is healthy in spite of their past abuse (35:19)

  • Treatment (43:00)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (45:45)

  • Skit (50:54)

  • Ending


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