Issue 38 - Negan


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We're taking on the leader of the Walking Dead saviors, the foul-mouthed NEGAN! Anthony & Doc unravel his unique honor system, particular misogyny, and his... interesting relationship with his bat. Plus Anthony compares him to old ECW wrestlers. Listen now!


  • Intro

  • Background (4:15)

    • Negan created by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard in The Walking Dead #100 (July 2012)

    • Introduced as leader of Saviors, a group of survivors living near Alexandria in a compound called the Sanctuary, who rules over the group with an iron fist, and a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille

      • Lucille was the name of his wife, who he had to abandon when the zombie apocalypse started – she was in a hospital, died, and reanimated – he also had a mistress on the side

    • He and his men capture Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath, and brutally murders Glenn after selecting him with eeny-meeny-miney-mo

    • Takes a liking to Carl after he sneaks into the camp and murders several of Negan’s men

    • Discovered that Negan rules a harem of sorts with the Saviors’ wives, who must be loyal to him under punishment of branding the husband

    • Goads Rick into a standoff, which results in several Saviors dying and Lucille getting damaged – Negan escapes, but tells his people that they will go to war with Rick’s group

    • Negan captured Gregory and gained the loyalty of the Hilltop Colony after the standoff and used this as leverage against Rick and his group, but Holly drives a car through the fence of the Sanctuary and this brings hundreds of walkers into the compound

    • Dispatches all the walkers, and then arrives at Alexandria, where he uses grenades to begin destroying houses before retreating

    • He then launches an assault on the Hilltop, where he wants a showdown with Rick – during the fight, Rick is hit with an arrow Negan thinks is covered in zombie guts

    • Later has an epiphany during a discussion with Rick, and realizes that Rick has been right and his methods have not helped survivors – Rick slits his throat, but doesn’t kill him – captures him and leaves him in a jail cell

    • During his sentence, he befriends Carl, who visits him regularly, although Carl still wants to kill him

    • He is released by Brandon, a member of the community who doesn’t trust Rick, and they infiltrate the Whisperers, a rival community – gets the leader, Alpha, to trust him, before he kills her and decapitates her

    • Brings Alpha’s head to Rick as a gesture of goodwill, saying his time alone rehabilitated him – Rick doesn’t fully trust him, but uses him as a soldier against the Whisperers

    • Left alone in an outpost to survive by himself

  • Issues (18:39)

    • Misogyny, but not in a violent manner

    • Ironically, otherwise a very violent man (26:00)

    • Has unique honor system – scarcity mindset (32:05)

  • Treatment (41:07)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (45:22)

  • Skit (57:52)

    • WARNING: The skit is bleeped, but there is considerable profanity. Listener discretion advised
  • Ending (64:30)


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