Issue 47 - Lex Luthor


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Patron Ariel requested we cover Superman's archenemy LEX LUTHOR! Find out what makes this mad scientist/mad businessman so mad! Plus find out which real-life executive Anthony compares to Luthor! Listen now!

(DISCLAIMER: We inadvertently forgot this was episode 47, so we keep calling it 48 in the show. Don't worry, you're not missing anything, we just can't count ;-P )


    • Created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster in Action Comics #23 (April 1940) or Superman #4 (Spring 1940)

    • Originally a mad scientist who lived in a flying city, he was a standard megalomaniac, and Superman was just the only one who could foil his plans

    • Origin story later revealed that he was a scientist in Smallville who liked Superboy until an accident at his laboratory turned him bald and killed an artificial life-form he had created – explains his hatred and jealousy of Superman

    • After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Luthor was reimagined as a corrupt corporate executive, who hates Superman because he cannot be corrupted

    • Family depends on the continuity - pre-Crisis, he has a sister named Lena, over whom he is very protective, and a wife Adora from another planet, and they have a son, Lex Jr. - both are killed when the planet explodes

    • Post-Crisis, he is revealed to have been married eight times – his eighth wife is Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza, who is as greedy as he is – she gives birth to a daughter, Lena

    • In various continuities, his parents are either estranged and ashamed of him, or he killed them

    • In basically all continuities, he believes himself to be the smartest man on the planet, and he feels that makes him superior to Superman

  • Issues (13:30)

    • Ariel: why does he hate aliens, and Superman in particular?

    • Is he capable of actual love, trust, or friendship? (21:24)

    • Feelings towards family – parents and sister (26:21)

  • Treatment (37:26)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (44:25)

  • Skit

  • Ending


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