Issue 67 - Miles Morales


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It's our Season 4 Premiere! We swing into the Ultimate Marvel Universe to look at MILES MORALES! It's no pressure being the next Spider-Man, right? Plus we announce changes to our Patreon, and Doc talks WCW (it makes sense in context). Listen now!

  • Intro

    • Welcome back for Season 4

    • Discord & YouTube channels to watch/listen live

    • Announce changes to Patreon – monthly trade reviews exclusive to $ level

    • Mental Health Avengers coming soon!

    • Weekly shout-out to Bang Average Movie Podcast – Nathan & Tyler talk about movies. Nathan has a film studies degree, Tyler doesn’t. It comes out in the wash. Good movies, bad movies, they cover it all. Pretty funny – humor focused, so don’t expect serious in-depth analysis

    • Review read – CitrusSunshine on Apple - “I’m not that big of a comics fan, but this podcast is really good. I like that they have in universe and out of universe treatment. Often there are tips and thoughts that are applicable to my life. “

  • Background (07:18)

    • Miles Morales created by Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli in Ultimate Fallout #4 (August 2011)

    • Miles was created to replace Peter Parker in Ultimate Universe, after Peter’s death – opted to create a minority character to reflect diversity of Marvel readers – look was influenced by Donald Glover

    • Miles born to black father and Puerto Rican mother

    • Similarly to Peter Parker, Miles was bitten by spider – the spider was infused with formula based on Peter’s blood – the spider crawled inside the duffel bag of the Prowler, a villain later revealed to be Miles’ uncle Aaron – when Miles went to his uncle’s house, the spider crawled out and bit him

    • Does not use his powers until he sees Spider-Man die thanks to Green Goblin – takes up the mantle, although initially shunned by public because he’s wearing a copy of Peter’s suit, and is yelled at that it’s in bad taste

    • Recruited by SHIELD – Uncle discovers he’s Spider-Man, and they battle – Aaron’s weapons malfunction and explode, killing him

    • Venom symbiote takes over the scientist who created the spider that bit him, and attacks Miles’ father, who he believes is Spider-Man – in the ensuing battle, the doctor is killed, along with Miles’ mother – Miles quits heroics

    • Returns as Spider-Man, and his father learns the truth – disowns him – later returns and reveals he and Aaron used to be undercover agents working for SHIELD

    • Reveals his identity to his girlfriend Katie Bishop, who in turn reveals she and her parents are agents of Hydra

    • Secret Wars – the Ultimate and 616 Universes are merged, and Miles brought into the mainstream universe – his mother is restored in the process, thanks to Molecule Man – now patrols NYC as Spider-Man alongside Peter Parker

    • Civil War II – Ulysses, an Inhuman with precognitive abilities, foresees Miles killing Captain America – this sets off conflict, although the murder does not occur

    • Now a member of Champions – upcoming storyline called Outlawed will ban teenage heroes, and Miles will be big part of it

  • Issues (13:35)

    • Legacy character – struggles with mantle initially, especially after public reacts poorly

    • Much like Peter initially, teen hero carries with it own set of problems (22:30)

    • Difficulty of keeping family separated – doesn’t work well for him

  • Break

  • Treatment (40:57)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (44:24)

  • Skit (51:22)

  • Ending (57:27)

    • Next episodes – Medusa, Mental Health Avengers, Bane, Political terrorism, Tick

    • Review giveaway


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