CC081: Daniel Dennett vs Alvin Plantinga Debate REMASTERED


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This is the remastered and repaired audio from an exchange between Dr. Alvin Plantinga and Dr. Daniel Dennett. The audio was really bad in every iteration I found online, so I had my sound producer Sawyer Hudson doctor it up. The doctored version is still pretty bad but you can at least make out about 98% of what's said. For a little background on this exchange, Dr. Plantinga was presenting a paper he wrote entitled, "Science and Religion, Where the Conflict Really Lies." Dr. Dennett was tasked with commenting on the paper. That's it. He was tasked with responding to the content. But unfortunately Dennett went way off topic and kind of went on a rant against religious belief. Because of this, to lay audiences it ended up sounding like a debate (even though it wasn't). Link to the YouTube Video: Our Website: Our Patreon:

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