First Year in Business, Month-by-Month How It Really Went


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The past week I’ve been reflecting a lot on what this past year of starting and building my business has been like. Right now, I’m in a pretty good place. I feel confident in my role as a coach and have seen my clients succeed again and again.

But it felt a little cheap to just call it all positive success when the reality is that most of the year was a struggle.

I really wanted to celebrate this first year with you, but to do so in a way that was honest and beneficial for others who are on the journey of building something creative—whether it’s your own business, a passion project, your career, family or something entirely different.

I chose to take a month-by-month look at what actually happened this past year, and how it all felt.

I hope it encourages you to keep pressing on in your good work!

In this episode I share:

  • How long building momentum took for my business
  • A month-by-month breakdown of the experiments, challenges and wins I had over the past year
  • How I found my footing in the first year of business chaos

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