#9831 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn


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Questions Covered: 12:30 – How do I defend the faith against Gnosticism? 21:00 – I met a young person who said he is not pro-abortion except in the case of rape. How can I respond to him? 22:52 – I have been debating with a Baptist about the validity of the apocrypha by saying that the original King James bible included it. Is this a good way to take the conversation? 32:37 – How do we explain to an agnostic that miracles are real? 45:00 – I am a recent convert from the evangelical church. It has been really difficult trying to convince my wife and in-laws that the Catholic faith is true. Should I ease up on talking to them about the faith and just focus on living in a way that shows them my faith? …

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