#9834 The Purposeful Universe - Dan Kuebler


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God created the heavens and the earth. How did He do it? Questions Covered: 14:37 – What is the official Church teaching on creation and evolution? 23:08 – It’s known that the universe works according to the laws of quantum mechanics, which has no beginning or end. How does this fact work with the Catholic position on evolution? 29:40 – How can it be possible that we are descended from one man and one woman, Adam and Eve? 33:51 – I am teaching fifth grade science right now and I am wondering if you have any idea as to how I can introduce the idea of evolution to them without completely confusing them. 40:29 – I think the Eastern orthodox believe that Earth was established as paradise, and man in it as the pinnacle of creation, and space as evil, as the devil’s. What are your thoughts on this? 44:32 – I am a born-again Christian. Is it true that you are saying that there could be multiple Adams? In that case, were there multiple Eves? 50:10 – I don’t think it has been made clear that Catholics are not required to believe in evolution. …

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