#9837 Why Are You Pro-Choice? - Trent Horn


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Trent asks listeners why they support abortion and answers by explaining the truth about the dignity of life. Questions Covered: 02:58 – I am pro-choice in the instance when a mother’s mental health is in danger. 12:48 – Are you consistent with your beliefs? How can you be pro-life but also pro-factory farming? 22:12 – I am pro-choice because believe in the ability to choose what you do with your body. 32:14 – I am pro-choice. I wouldn’t stop anyone from having an abortion. I think men should have more responsibility in preventing unwanted pregnancies. I don’t think Christian beliefs should be projected into law. 43:55 – Being pro-choice is up to the woman. I find that pregnancy is unfair to the woman, so she should decide if the baby lives. 48:00 – I used to be pro-choice and tried to convince a drug-addict friend to abort her baby. She went to prison, chose to have the baby, and her kid is awesome. I always thought that her baby’s life wasn’t going to be worth living or have any quality, but I was completely wrong. A beautiful person can come out of such a difficult situation. …

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