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Please help to fund Catholic Answers Live for the next 3 months by going to catholicanswersradio.com to donate! Questions Covered: 08:24 – I discovered Catholic radio about 6 months ago. I pledged within a week. I went back to the Church and confession. I recently found out that being divorced without an annulment is a sin. How can I be forgiven for this? I don’t know if I can get an annulment. 20:09 – My brother thinks that babies with genetic abnormalities, like down syndrome, are not humans, so they can be aborted. How can I respond to him about this? 35:37 – Why is it that Christ himself was not baptized as an infant? 45:10 – How were people able to see Christ transfigured? 52:15 – There are body parts of saints that are venerated in the Catholic Church. How are relics made? Why do we separate the parts of the body? …

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