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Please help to fund Catholic Answers Live for the next 3 months by going to catholicanswersradio.com to donate! Questions Covered: 05:22 – In the CCC, what does it mean when it says that we can only pray to the Father through Jesus? 11:10 – How was God created? 18:26 – If we receive the Holy Spirit in baptism and confirmation, what happened in Acts 8:16 when it says they had not received the Spirit? 30:04 – Are angels outside of time or are they affected by time? 37:35 – I have an autistic genius son. He has been diving into early Church fathers and history and he’s not even 10. I cannot answer his questions anymore. How can I continue his Catholic education the right way? 47:55 – In 2 Timothy 1:16-18, he asks for mercy upon his friend. I didn’t think he was dead, but some Protestants say that he is. What is going on in this verse? …

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