#9844 The Church in the News - JD Flynn


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JD Flynn talks about all the latest news in the Catholic Church. Questions Covered: 13:57 – I heard that the Pope is now approving civil unions and same-sex marriage. Is this true? 20:06 – Who has been recommended by McCarrick who is now a cardinal or a bishop? 29:10 – What is your opinion on the persecution of Christians and Catholics in the media and politics today in the United States? 37:45 – Pope Francis seemed to be very antagonistic toward President Trump, even though he did a lot for the pro-life movement and the Little Sisters of the Poor. What are your thoughts on this? 44:00 – What’s going on with Cardinal Becciu and Cardinal Pell? 51:52 – Why did CNA come out and state that Biden was the president elect and that he was the second Catholic president, when the election had not been certified? …

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