#9845 Open Forum for Non-Catholics - Tim Staples


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Non-Catholics call with questions for Tim Staples. Questions Covered: 04:16 – Is there any biblical or historical evidence that the queen mother of the Davidic kingdom brought requests to the king? 13:44 – Can I still attend Catholic Mass, even if I am not a Catholic? 17:05 – Why did the Catholic Church kill Jan Huss? 30:30 – The Catholic Church was anti-Semitic in the 20th century and was the reason for the Holocaust. They are now targeting homosexuals in the same way. Why does the Catholic Church always hate someone? 40:45 – Is there an internal battle between the human spirit and God? Are we always at war between ourselves and God? 47:20 – Why is there more of an emphasis on women’s virginity rather than man’s virginity? 52:45 – Whatever happened to excommunication in the Catholic Church? I hear about all of the scandals in the Church, but no excommunication. …

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