#9846 Did Jesus Even Exist? - Trent Horn


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Is there hard evidence for Jesus Christ’s existence? Questions Covered: 15:37 – Is it a good defense to say that Christianity is true because it points back to the person of Christ, who is God, whereas other religions point to mere humans or myths? 18:30 – Why don’t people believe in Jesus when there is historical evidence of his existence? 31:00 – When Jesus ascended, he was in human form. Will we see him in human form or spirit form in heaven? 34:48 – Isn’t the fact that the year is based on Jesus’ birth a huge piece of evidence that he lived? 45:25 – In a glorified body and in experiencing the Beatific Vision, would we experience more than the three dimensions that we experience here on earth? 52:38 – Why is the Eucharist real? …

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