#9848 Friendship with Jesus - Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.


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Why is friendship with Jesus crucial? Find out now, with Fr. Hugh Barbour. Questions Covered: 19:55 – My RCIA candidates keep thinking that the Old Testament God is different from the New Testament God. How can I help them see they are one and the same? 30:00 – In adoration, I feel like I am not getting a good enough connection with God. I am going to adoration tonight and I really want to make the most of the time. How can I effectively pray and connect with Jesus in adoration? 35:40 – How does Jesus find the balance between discipline and mercy or grace in his friendship with us? I have Baptist friends who go to Jesus for forgiveness, but never for permission. 42:55 – How can I become friends with Jesus and how can I make sure he’s alive and in heaven? 47:30 – I’ve had a priest say that you can’t offend God because he is God. Is this true? I want to understand so that I can have the best relationship with God. 51:20 – Is it alright to receive Jesus in Mass more than one time a day? …

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