St. Athanasius - Life of St. Anthony, pt. 6


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“Do not lose heart, children, for as the Lord has been angry, so will He heal again and the Church shall quickly recover her own good order and shall shine as she has shone.”

We’ve finally arrived at the conclusion of our six-part series of the great Catholic classic, Life of St. Anthony.

If you’ll recall, we began this work all the way back in January, with Part 1 released on the feast of St. Anthony. How appropriate, then, that our finale be released today: on the feast of the work's author, St. Athanasius of Alexandria.

In our first episode, we heard the Lord promise to Anthony, “Because you remained firm and have not yielded, I will always be your helper—and I will make your name known everywhere.” In the completion of Athanasius’ biography of this great saint, we see yet again that God is always faithful to His promises.

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