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“Mistrust Him, Meg, I will not, even if I feel myself faint."

This is the third in a series of podcast episodes in honor of St. Thomas More's feast day on June 22nd (see our discussion of the classic film, A Man for All Seasons, along with an interview with More scholar Louis Karlin, on Criteria: the Catholic Film Podcast).

In this episode, we present the entirety of Dialogue on Conscience, by St. Thomas More and his daughter Margaret. We've also — for the first time on this podcast — enlisted the help of an actress to voice the female writers (an actress who happens also to be James' wife).

Dialogue on Conscience is presented in the form of two letters; the first, written by More’s stepdaughter, Alice Alington, to his eldest daughter, Margaret Roper; the second, a letter written by Margaret in response to Alice — itself the record of a dialogue between Margaret and St. Thomas that provides us with an invaluable look into More's wit, personality, and faith.


Interview with More scholar Louis Karlin

Discussion of film A Man for All Seasons

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