CT76 – Offroad Camper Russia with Andreas & Sveta | УАЗ Буханка / UAZ Bukhanka Car Camping in Dagestan


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Do you love driving? Do you love breathtaking vistas? How about a little adventure, a few bumps, and a lot of fun? And would you like all of that on a tour of Dagestan? Then meet Off-Road Camper, Dagestan’s only luxury off-road tour company. They put you behind the wheel of a classic Soviet-style “bukhanka,” but fresh off the assembly line and updated for safety, and send you out the door with your GPS pre-programmed to lead you on a curated route of some of the most beautiful sites in Dagestan. Along the way you’ll meet hosts in mountain villages with translators waiting for you. It’s an amazing operation and one you will not want to miss!

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