Episode 18: Keep On Keeping On


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This episode is about “keep on, keeping on”. In life we have obstacles, problems and every day stress. We must continue to work, live, love, and interact with others throughout the world. Whether good or bad situations that happens in our lives we must continue to move forward and be positive in today’s society. Keep on, Keeping on is a famous idiom in the black culture. No matter what problems or issues you may have... Keep on moving forward... be positive... love one another. They all are so true. But in my opinion it’s deeper. We as people must know and understand our value to society. We know the value of a happy meal, pack of cigarettes, a gallon of milk, and even the value of a smart phone. Yet we do not know our own value. We must open our eyes and understand our value to society. Keep on, Keeping on and learn your value. Understand what you are worth. Read books about economics and marketing. Teach yourself. We all are powerful beyond measure. Believe in you

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