521: Resolve & Realization: A CFO's Life Sciences Journey | Marc Schegerin, CFO, ArQule


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Marc Schegerin’s arrival inside the CFO office at ArQule is either a fortunate accident or a feat of singular career building precision. For there is little question that ArQule has entered a unique place in time along the arc of its existence and it’s this place in time that Schegerin has been seeking to reach for more than two decades.

It’s a place where opportunities are quickly realized or lost depending on management’s ability to correctly answer some daunting questions.

“We have to kind of tease out how much money may be required. When do we spend it? What is the end game where we can we have the biggest impact for the most patients?” says Schegerin, while exposing the coordinates of the intersection of medicine and finance.

Suddenly, Schegerin’s arduous career-building path makes perfect sense. ArQule is the destination where his breadth of experience (From Harvard to Goldman Sachs to Biogen) appears uniquely suited to answer those questions and perhaps many more. – Jack Sweeney

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