CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story ~ S2 QuakeCon At Home Bonus: The Drive-In Variety Show


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This is Kenneth Vigue and this episode is a little bit different. Yesterday, to a global audience, Tom, Dave and I on the Fallout Hub joined Bethesda for QuakeCon At Home and aired a showstopping almost 2 hour variety showcase of music, interviews, games, sketches and more, including…my first machinima film which will be available on our YouTube channel shortly. To build some hype for our global debut, the cast joined together creating their own variety episode of stories and sketches with your favorite characters. Cody Hightower, Adam Silva and Kevin Chenard wrote the stories and shorts you are about to hear and Christian Mower, whom you know better as the lovable Punch produced them. This show ends with a prologue to our machinima, titled, “The Sickleman Was Here”. So kick back, relax….grab your 3d glasses and some popcorn, because the cast of CHAD: A Fallout 76 story…is taking you to the drive-in….


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I hope to see you all in the Wasteland...

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