CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story ~ S2 QuakeCon At Home Bonus: The Sickleman Was Here


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This minisode is something special. Created specifically for QuakeCon At Home, it served as the basis for our first machinima film, created in 4k using Fallout 76 gameplay footage as part of the community showcase. You’ll find the link to that on our social media channels and also up on our YouTube channel. This story takes us back to 1 year ago, just after the events of last summer that saw the Overseer unmasked as the terrifying Sickleman. We open just after her capture by the Five-0 New Responders and as we’ll discover, Chad, Simon and the gang had no idea that they had woken up something far older and hungrier than anything they have faced. It will serve as a prologue to our Season 2 opener coming next month. Look there, on the cover of that scuffed plastic VHS cassette case. It’s an image of a totem in the woods…filled with skulls…and slowly, candles are lighting themselves at its base. It’s calling out beyond the veil and into the void. And look there…see it…just beyond? There’s a shadow there…but before we get too ahead of ourselves, pop yourself some popcorn, put on some leg warmers and warm up that VHS player. I’d like you to press play on our feature presentation: The Sickleman Was Here.


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I hope to see you all in the Wasteland...

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