081: No Pain, No Gain? ...Not So Fast!


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In this episode of Change It Up Radio, we’re talking about a holistic approach for achieving, optimizing, and maintaining the highest level of physical and cognitive health and performance.

Owner/Founder of Fitness Genome, Chris Craig, joins me today to share how Fitness Genome offers an elite collection of cutting-edge wellness/performance tools and technology all in one location for the ultimate ROI.

Chris explains how Fitness Genome has everything a person needs to reach peak performance, defy the aging process, and work across various modalities toward specific, personalized health and wellness goals.

We are also joined by Carson Caldwell who has finally made it to California after three months of tuning in with us during his cross country journey to raise awareness and funds towards providing humanitarian aid to people in Yemen.

We Discuss:

- How Fitness Genome is a cutting-edge, neuro-centric fitness recovery/biohacking studio

- A holistic approach for challenging and developing physical, reflexive, and cognitive functions

- Combining recovery modalities with neurology to create the most holistic effect possible

- What Carson has planned for his official arrival in Long Beach, CA on Monday, October 14th

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