Theranos of AR


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Frederique, Owen, and Zach talk tech! The show notes for this episode follow without hyperlinks, I'll add links shortly!

  • Clubhouse,
  • Facebook Catch Up,
  • Twitter/Trump/Zuck,
  • Nebula,
  • YourStack,
  • Tella,
  • Apple Glasses,
  • Focals by North,
  • Snap Spectacles,
  • Oculus,
  • Daniel Suarez,
  • Magic Leap loses CEO gets funding,
  • Leap Motion is the company we confused it with,
  • Hololens by Microsoft,
  • Microsoft Build: Fluid,
  • Owen's website page "What I use",
  • Houseparty,
  • FB Messenger Rooms, J
  • oe Rogan Show moves to Spotify,
  • Video podcasts on Spotify,
  • Revision3,
  • Spotify Concerts, and
  • Join us in Discord!

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